Rice Purity Test | Check Your Rice Purity Test Score [2019]

Answer the 100 questions we have prepared for you to check your Rice Purity Test Score. You have to mark every question that you have completed. During the test, we will deduct one point from 100 for each question you complete. Once you have marked all questions from 100 questions, then click the button below to calculate your Rice Purity Test Score.

What is Human Purity Test & Rice Purity Test

Human Purity Test is a survey created by the University of Rice, Houston, Texas. The purpose of the survey is to gather data about the human behaviour in the year of 2018. The data is going to be used for the research purpose and use them for the future purpose. The Texas-based University is trying to research more about the intimate life of a human being.

Though, the data is not going to reveal your information and keep you anonymous thought out the research. The data used in the research, and it will help future generations to provide better security for the people and young people in America.

Take Rice Purity Test

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The Rice Purity Test survey conducted in the past, and it has helped the university to find more questions for the young ones. The Rice Purity test includes many questions related to real-life actions and our personal life. Each time you answer a question will give you an approximate number of how pure you are in society.

The information and results subjected to help you improve yourself to avoid problems in the future.

What is rice purity test, how to check your rice purity score

People who are very curious to know about their personality and how mature they are, for them today I have come with one of the best methods to analyze their personality.
After completion of this article, you would not have to ask somebody about your personality and your maturity level.

A few years back rice university has created a test for the purpose of checking the maturity and building a good bonding of their fresher students with their seniors. And that is called a rice purity test which has come from the name the rice university.

And today in this article I am going to share that test with you all through which you would be able to identify your personality.

Let’s begin…

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What is Rice Purity Test?

Rice purity test is a test created by Rice University in 1924 for the purpose of checking the maturity level and building a good bonding of their fresher students with their seniors.

Initially, when it was created accessible to girls only and after sometime Rice University boys too.

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And because this test contains 100 different categories of interesting question from human personal life which anybody would love to answer and it gets viral and today anybody from all over the world can give this test.

All the 100 questions you will meet while giving this test are related to alcohol, sex, drugs and other different kind of naughty activities like violence, law-breaking etc.

The main motive of creating this test at that time was to just build good bonding between students and checking their maturity level but nowadays people have taken it as an adventure and giving this test with so much of curiosity.

Let me tell you one thing that from 1924 to till now there are many versions of this test came out and each one was one level up than the previous one.

This test is accessible to anyone from anywhere, you just need a device where you can access the website and an internet connection.

And if you want to give this test then here I am going to tell you how you can know your maturity level by giving this test.

How to give Rice purity test?

As above I have discussed that this test is available for everyone, so anybody from anywhere can give this test.
Before you go to give this test let me warn you that this has contained a very adult and violence level of questions which affect you on your mental level so be aware.

So, to give rice purity test you have to open its official site where you will get 100 different questions which you will have to solve by ticking in front of questions which applies to your life. And once you answer all the question successfully, scroll down and click on the submit button.

Wait for a few minutes, and after interpreting your answers with a question, it will give you result in between 0 to 100 where 0 is the least maturity and 100 is most maturity. Means the higher your score will be, the more mature you will consider as.

Click Here to reveal history of rice purity test.

Let’s wrap up…

As above we have discussed rice purity test which is a self-graded test which attempts to check the maturity and innocence level of a person by asking different kind of adult questions collected from human personal life.

The questions it contains are related to drugs, alcohol, sex and same kind of naughty activities.

What’s Next?

We provide you with a score that you can share in the comment section below. However, the main purpose to help you realize how pure you are in society and you can use the metrics to improve your life.

We intend you to improve your life by not making the mistakes and come back take the test when you think you have changed a lot in weeks. You can retake the survey to realize how much you have improved over the years.

Rice Purity Test | Check Your Rice Purity Test Score [2019]
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