Rice Purity Test

Answer the 100 questions we have prepared for you to check your Rice Purity Test Score. You have to mark every question that you have completed. During the test, we will deduct one point from 100 for each question you complete. Once you have marked all questions from 100 questions, then click the button below to calculate your Rice Purity Test Score.

Checkmark to every question that you have done in the past or present and clicked on submit.


What is Human Purity Test?

Human Purity Test is a survey created by the University of Rice, Houston, Texas. The purpose of the survey is to gather data about the human behaviour in the year of 2018. The data is going to be used for the research purpose and use them for the future purpose. The Texas-based University is trying to research more about the intimate life of a human being.

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Though, the data is not going to reveal your information and keep you anonymous thought out the research. The data used in the research, and it will help future generations to provide better security for the people and young people in America.

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The purity test survey conducted in the past, and it has helped the university to find more questions for the young ones. The test includes many questions related to real-life actions and our personal life. Each time you answer a question will give you an approximate number of how pure you are in society.

The information and results subjected to help you improve yourself to avoid problems in the future.

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Privacy & Results

We are going to have the rights on the details you have provided during the test and after the test. However, the test results and your details will not be revealed to any third-party because this data is strictly for research purpose and we are going to use it make help the young ones.

No data shall be released in public, and that includes individual results and personal details of the candidates who have participated in the survey.

We collect basic information to provide you with content and surveys so you can contribute to the community.

What’s Next?

We provide you with a score that you can share in the comment section below. However, the main purpose to help you realize how pure you are in society and you can use the metrics to improve your life.

We intend you to improve your life by not making the mistakes and come back take the test when you think you have changed a lot in weeks. You can retake the survey to realize how much you have improved over the years.

Rice Purity Test
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