Top 10 rice purity test questions for girls

As you know that rice purity test has contained 100 different kinds of questions related to human very personal life like sex, alcohol, drugs etc.

This test is available for girls and boys both means anybody can do this test. Some questions contained in this list are a little bit confusing for girls and that’s why I have listed out top 10 questions for girls which I am going to explain in this article.

And making you sure that after this article you will not have any doubt or confusion. But before you start reading this article you must read the history of rice purity

So, let’s begin…

Top 10 Rice Purity Test for Girls

While giving rice purity test score many girls are getting confused about giving of some questions which I have listed below and I am going to explain each of them one by one.

And here is the list with explanation… and you can also check FAQ of rice purity

1. Purchased contraceptives?

Yes, I used to buy when I was doing sex with my boyfriend on regular basis. And also I was used to buying condoms. But those have grown lots of acne of my face.

2. Have you ever been on a date?

Yes, many times I was on a date with many peoples. And in this modern day who feel ashamed to do all these things. Even I recommend everyone should do it.

Have you ever been on a date

Have you ever been on a date

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3. Had period sex?

It sounds a little crazy but once I was drunk and in a dark room I did period sex with my boyfriend. But it was so fun. and I have really enjoyed it.

4. Urinated in public?

No, I have never done it is a civilized person of society.

5. Have you ever been drunk?

Many times I have been drunk in a party and my friends was used to dropping mine on my home. And once it was happening on a regular basis but after some time I got control on it.

Have you ever been drunk?

Have you ever been drunk?

6. Kissed someone below the belt?

It sounds very crazy but if honestly, I say then No, till now I did not but I think I that it would be crazy stuff to do.

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7. Been kissed on the breast?

Yes, it happened to me when I was having sex with my first my boyfriend. It is very sensational stuff happen while doing sex with your partner. It gives a very intense feeling with lots of hormonal changes.

8. Held hands romantically?

Yes, this happens with me many times but once when I was in a marriage party of one of my friend, I used to hold my boyfriend so romantically and from then to till now I used to do it on regular basis.

Held hands romantically

Held hands romantically

9. Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?

No, I have never cheated on my boyfriend. I am a pretty honest girl and I think it would be better to broke up than cheating with your partner. But once I’ve got cheated from my ex-boyfriend.

10. Gone to a club without informing parents?

Yes, I did it many times when I was younger because parents being a care full does not allow you to go club, doing a late night party.

top 10 questions for girls

So, these were some questions which I have listed for clearing all doubts of all girls who were getting confused to give the answers. Hope it will help you. Here I would like to say that you can also check Most Popular Rice purity test questions for boys


Let’s wrap up…

Rice purity test is a self-graded test for everyone which one attempts to check their maturity and innocence level.

But girls get confused to answer many of the questions and that’s why I have explained those questions and hoping it wi help then.




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