Top 10 rice purity test questions for boys

Rice purity test is a self-graded test attempts to check their maturity and innocence level of a person by asking a different kind of questions related to sex, alcohol, drugs, Smoking Cannabis etc.

While giving rice purity test mostly people select top 10 questions for boys all the time which I am going to share in this article. But before reading this article you should have some knowledge about the Check history of rice purity test.

Let’s start at…

Top Rice Purity Questions for Boys

So, in this section, I am going to explain those top 10 questions which people mostly attempt while taking their rice purity test.

Read this Frequently Asked Questions for rice purity test

1. Been in a relationship?

Basically, this question asks you whether you are in a relationship or not and you can reply like this…

Yes, I have been in a relationship from the last few years but because of some reason I broke with her and now she is in her own way and I am with my new girlfriend.

Been in a relationship

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2. Kissed a non-family member?

Yes, I had a kiss with my girlfriend many times. I kissed my girlfriend during watching a movie in a theatre and at many more places like a garden and private place.

3Have you ever been arrested?

Yes, I have got arrested for many times but because of so much connection, I have got freed from the jails very quickly.

I didn’t spend time more than a day in jail.

4Kissed a non-family member?

Yes, I had a kiss with my girlfriend many times. I kissed my girlfriend during watching a movie in a theatre and at many more places.

top 10 questions for boys

top 10 questions for boys

5Had sexual intercourse in four or more positions?

Yes, of course, I have had sex in many positions with my girlfriend and on a daily basis, I used to keep experimenting with a new position.

Experimenting with different positions is always fun for me.

Rice purity test score for girls
History of Rice Purity Test

6Had severe memory loss due to alcohol?

Mostly it happened with me in college days, we were partying on a regular basis and one day I got over drunk due to this I had lost memory for a few minutes.

7Cheated on significant other during a relationship?

Till now I haven’t cheated anyone, I think it’s better to broke up with you whom you don’t like than cheating.

Yeah…but surely I have gone with many of friends for a date.

8Been in a fight with your friends?

I had fought many times with my best friends because I am a very short tempered guy and due to this I slapped my friend too.

Been in a fight with your friends

Been in a fight with your friends

9. Have you ever done sex in a public?

Now I think most of you wouldn’t but if somebody has done it also then reply yes.

10. Have you ever masturbated?

Yes, I had many times before I did not have a girlfriend but when I got a relationship with my girlfriend I stopped masturbating.

And who says he hadn’t masturbated for a single time than 100% he is a liar.

So, these are some question for boys, it has been taken from the list of rice purity test questions. check your Rice Purity Test Score


Let’s wrap up…

Above we have seen top ten questions taken from rice purity test list which most people doubt to answer.

And I think after reading this they would not have any doubt to answer these questions.


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