History of Rice Purity Test

History of Rice Purity Test
History of Rice Purity Test

So, from the title, you would have got the idea what we are going to discuss today in this article but before I start saying anything about Rice Purity Test, I want to ask you a very simple question.

Have you ever heard about Rice Purity Test or knowing anything about it?

I am asking this question to you because when the first time I heard the name Rice Purity Test, the first thought came about a machine which checks the purity of rice but when I research about it, the whole concept was different.

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And it doesn’t happen with you too that’s why today in this article I am going to share everything about Rice Purity Test. We will discuss what Rice Purity Test is, where it came from and many more things. So just keep reading the article and let’s begin…

What is Rice Purity Test?

History of Rice Purity Test is a self-graded survey that attempts to check the purity or innocence of a person by asking a question related to drugs, alcohol, sex, the law was broken and another different kind of naughty activities.

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Rice Purity Test has been designed by writing the 100 very personal questions which one who want to test their purity or innocence have to solve all the question by just doing tick mark on the question which applies to their life and once you solved all the questions just click on the calculate button given below.

Rice Purity Test

It will show you the result in percentage between 0 to 100 where 0 is the least purity and 100 is the most purity of a person.

The motive of creating Rice Purity Test was just to check the maturity of the students so they can have good bonding with their seniors.

It looks like a little adventurous but before you start doing this adventure let me tell you that it has the capability to unstable your mental stability. So be aware.

Brief History of Rice Purity Test

It has been created by the Rice University to check the maturity of their students and to build a bonding with their seniors. It has been encouraged more during making a bonding experience with fresher students week.

The original version of Rice Purity Test has been created in 1924 which was initially only given to the women. After that many, more versions have come out and each new version was risqué than the previous one.

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If you have done Rice Purity Test then you might have noticed that it starts asking you a very innocent question but as you go in you will get little more sensual kind of questions like masturbation, have you ever done sex in outdoors, have you kissed someone except your family, etc.

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Let’s wrap up…

Above we have seen about Rice Purity Test which was created by Rice University just to check the maturity level of their student and make a good bonding with their seniors.

Rice Purity Test is a collection of hundred very personal questions related to drugs, sex, alcohol and another different kind of activities which one have to solve to check their purity and innocence.

Go and test your Rice Purity Test and share your result with us in the comment section.


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