Average Rice Purity Test Score by College

Average Rice Purity Test Score

Generally, to count the Rice Purity Test, a score of 0-100 determines the maturity of youth. The test evaluates how “pure” you are.

So, if you are looking to get a judgment of your purity of how “pure” or “impure” you are then examining from the below purity score scale will show off!

As the rice purity test score of youth is taken by colleges nationwide by asking questions of alcohol, drugs, sex, law bouned and others such to track the “students progress”.

This is a 100 question survey where the final results after attempting all the questions will be the average rice purity test score.

Average Rice Purity Test Score Scale

Between 100 – 98

The score of 100 – 98 determines that you are freaking pure. Just as Pure as Gold.

A Score of 97 – 94

Well, in this case, you are still considered as pure, maybe sometimes you might have kissed someone other than any family members as such.

A Score of 93 – 77

This is somewhat the average range which signifies that you are not averagely a pure person. Here, the case may be other than the above one where you might have “french kissed” or even gone down below the belt.

A Score of 76 – 45

This triggers directly to breaking some law where you might have a fair share of alcohol, drug, or sexual experience.

You may have checked some moderately insane things like had been drunk or had sex or even smoked the marijuana etc as such.

A Score of 44 – 9

This score is surely not an average person. It is for the people who have gone for a jail, have been addicted to the usage of hard drugs, having public sex and even worse.

A Score of 9 – 0

This is for the ones who have gone beyond the limits of hardcoreness. This score triggers directly you for having intimate and sexual relations with a paying customer, cousins, or even an animal. Surprisingly worst, isn’t it!

General Issues to face before taking a test

In every aspect, students have to face the exams in 10th and 12th grade after their kindergarten. To discuss some of the questions in detail. Let’s take a broader look at such general issues.

Should I consider the purity test seriously?

Purity test determines your trust score with the outsiders. The outsiders are probably your senior college members who can rely on your purity test answers and depending on your score can have a straightforward truthfulness and trustworthy bond between you.

Does the average rice purity test score matter?

So, if you score high on average rice purity test score that means that your seniors are going to talk about you on parties which indirectly leaves your “positive imprints”.

Your good impression may be a good sign and can even pave the way to a better direction in your life.

What is the Purpose of taking Rice Purity test?

Well, there is a motive behind taking this test – to find out if you are pure and innocent or if you are pretty naughty or eventually the modest one!

This test also identifies whether or not you are a decent or a very mean and rude person who doesn’t give a damn of another person.

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Can I bluff and cheat while answering?

When you bluff, you inevitably get strain over crossing the trust bars.

By doing so you create an awful fool out of yourself as your duping may need a build-up story that can bring far more horrible outcomes. In short, you can be a victim of your trap as it’s pretty hard to keep your story straight as it never occurred.

Furthermore, it may seem extremely upsetting to the other person when they know that you were tricking and that you are skeptical.

Final Takes

After seeing all the rice purity test score, if you belong to a college or university that conducts the purity test for boys or girls, if you score high for your college or university, the records will directly affect the “average rice purity score test” on getting higher % of your college as well!

Hope you enjoyed completing the rice purity test score.
Go and test yours and share your score results with your friends!


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